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Elite Wealth Manager BD Program

I am delighted to announce the launch of my new company, Elite Wealth Manager Limited. Having trained over 5,000 private bankers and wealth managers over the last 5-1/2 years, what has become increasingly apparent in talking to a number of CEO’s in the sector is that the industry faces more threats than ever before, whether from robo advice and other digital platforms, the massive transfer of wealth between generations, or Brexit and other geopolitical risks.

My new service, the Elite Wealth Manager™ Business Development Program, will sit alongside my existing LinkedIn workshops and social media advice, and is designed to help wealth management firms upskill their advisers to:

  •          Find and win new business
  •          Increase conversion rates
  •          Deepen client relationships

The unique Program is a bespoke 2-day course and covers topics such as personal branding, lead generation, business growth strategies and networking skills. The program will equip advisers with a wide range of ‘soft’ skills, whether they are new to the industry or are looking to develop their existing knowledge. For further details of the program content, please see

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